Monday, January 24, 2005

Delaware Pride

"Despite our great military might, we are in my view more alone in the world than we've been in any time in recent memory."-- Sen. Joseph Biden, D-Del. (Courtesy of Paxfly)

Though as a Delawarian I think it is time that the country actually paid attention to us, I think that Sen. Biden is a bit cukoo. First off The point of having a military is not to build friendships with other nations; it is, as Teddy put it, our big stick to use to expand US influence and power in the world. He says that the US is more alone in the world now than anytime in recent memory; this is true, you could have also said the same statement in 1942 when it was one of the darkest hours of human history where the outcome was that the Facists would win the day. The US stood alone with Britain which foolishly fought on after Europe fell to the Nazis, their erstwhile ally the Soviet Union was all but shattered, fighting on with its last gasps, the minor countries of the world also strove on to help the Allies sending what little that they could if only to prolong the fight agianst the Invader.. Like then today the US fights on for Freedom with the UK and with, i forget the count, some 60 other countries who fight against Facism and against the oppressors of humanity. Like in 1942, most of Europe plays along with the Facists hoping that they will continue their existences as third rate-puppets. We are alone, not because of our military might, but because of our never ending struggle against those who would snuff out the "unrestrained flame of Freedom." Those who wish for humanity to be voluntarily put into bondage and for the song of Liberty to instead be replaced by Her pleas as She is raped away from us see the US as the hopeless and solitary figure in Her defense. The rest of us do not follow that train of despair.


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YAY DELAWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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