Sunday, January 30, 2005

Take That!!

This is thanks to Tim Blair with his awesome list of stuff for the Iraqi elections.

Our voting is:No to the terrorists!
No to the dictatorships!
No to hate and racism!
No to the fascists!
No to the Nazis!
No to the mentally retarded tyrants!
No to the ossified, narrow-minded and intolerants!
The Iraqis are voting in few hours time for the new Iraq. We are going to create our future by ourselves not by dictators.
We are going to say: Yes for the freedom and democracy!
Yes for the civilized Iraq!
Yes for peace and prosperity!
Yes for coexistence!
Yes for the New Iraq!
Let them bomb and kill us. It will not deter us!
Let them send their dogs to suck our bones. We care not!
Let them bark. It will not frighten us.
Let them see how civilised to be free and democratic!
Let them die by our vote tomorrow!
It is the magic bullet which will kill them!
Welcome New Iraq. Welcome freedom and democracy. Welcome peace and prosperity for all nations with out exception but terrorists!


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