Monday, February 28, 2005


Yeah so I said I was gonna post about the karate tests that I helped proctor... the truth is it was the worst testing ever, and I'm really not at the liberty to really describe the actions of any students lest my boss find out about this blog and get mad. Anyway hoping that the snow will keep falling.

Saturday, February 26, 2005


Ok today I had to help out at the karate testing at my work now this normaly isn't a problem except today we had to test a few black-belt candidates. Now for this they have to spar, and I was chosen to be one of the lucky sparring partners they had. However because they were black-belt candidates I had to keep the heat on the entire time, no pauses if I could help it, and I had to throw in as many kicks as I could, as fast and as hard as I could in five minutes per round. This led to some unfortunate clashes when my shin or knee would smash into my opponents shin or knee. Now that the testing is done, my left shin and knee is letting me know that I did some pretty stupid things in the match. I dread waking up tomorrow when the pain really kicks in... ooh bad pun. Any way will post about the testing tomorrow, but now I need my sleep.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Yeah bout that

Heh, its been a while since I last posted anything. Not that anyone cares. Anyway. Nothing new is going on... except that the MSM is starting to awaken to the bloggers of the world. Lots of name calling recently. Anyway the greatest thing in my life now is just waiting for the colleges to send out their acceptance letters.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Tolkien and the DNC

Evil republicansis trixing the poor voterses, yesss thatss what they do', they trixess poor us. But we'll get them back my precious yesss we will. YEARRGHHHHHH!!!-Smeagel

Master the whole world will tremble at the might shown by us. With the destruction of the Two Towers your armies of Mordor and my power grow strong. When the next election arises the whole world will shudder as I take up the office that I merely resided in before.- Sarumon

Guess who these two are. apologies to Mr. Tolkien.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

This is sick

Ok for all of you who are in the public school system tell me, is there a trend toward bias in your classes like history and such? Have you ever heard about a bias in math? I think this is just sick. Anyone else?

Monday, February 07, 2005

There you go

HAHA Eagles lost... not that I don't think they play well and all, but I'm glad the Pats won. But I'm mad. The Simpsons was postponed because of the local whine fest on the local FOX channel after the game. I had to record it but i probably didn't get it. ah well.

At least (hopefully) Ms. Leonard will stop singing the Eagles fight song.

Sunday, February 06, 2005


Ok even though I live in the middle of a Philadelphia vassal state (what else is DE really?) I am hoping the Patriots win the game. I say this because I am a Yankee and besides I'm not really into birds. Anyway its a good game even though they keep getting sacked... I mean come on the Birds aren't that good at D. Anyway watching the game.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Take that you asshole, next time leave a name with your post.

Leave your name at the tone *beep*

Ok let me get this straight, all you people that actually read blogs and actually post on blogs let me make this clear. If your gonna post please have the courtesy/balls to sign your name. I know for a fact that people who comment here in order to piss off the blogger, but don't have the courtesy/balls to sign their name, are gonna have their comments removed.

You assholes wanna complain that I'm trampling your rights to speech? Well bitches this is my blog, my property so if you wanna anonomously post to piss me off your ass is mine. I have no problem with any speech put on here so long as you leave your name.

Ok who ever you are you anonymous ass first off have the balls to actually sign your name. Second if you can read and pass some semblance of an english course you would know what lawnchairfox was asking. Then you would know I was answering his question completely, if you don't like my opinion that is your choice. If you ever want to out in the open say that you dont like what my opinoins are I dont care. When you actually want to have a discussion then go out and make a reasond argument, something I haven't seen from you yet.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Its called Liberty for a reason...

Ayah these people. In reference to my previous post I'm gonna give an update to the argument that is still raging over that hate speech. Let me give you a summary.

At a previous time in the recent past, two friends of mine both went and spraypainted over a Swastika and the word "Fuck" which had been painted on a elementary school playground. They both took offense to that because they are jewish and more importantly they are intelligent. However the argument raged on about what they did was a violation of rights or not.
My friends argued that it was hate speech and therefore not protected speech. However it was pointed out that the Constitution does not apply to speech which "incites an immediate harm towards citizens, or that incites violence against citizens." As much as it may seem that speech did not do such things. Then they argued that as it was a public place it was an invalid place for protected speech of that sort. This is true but it is not their place to remove such speech it was the school's. They argue that the Constitution tells the people that it is their duty to use armed force against their government if they ever believe that their government is not doing its job. However I may point out that no where in the Constitution of the United States of America is there such a clause. Trust me I read the Constitution often, there is not a clause in there which reserves the right of succession and rebellion. Then they argued that it was moral and right to do what they did. I will not argue their morals, but what they did was not right. To destroy anyone's right to speech is wrong, I don't care if it was Mother Theresa against Hitler, it is not right. Only when all men are given the same freedoms and all those freedoms are equally applied to all people can there be a just society. Just because the Swastika was offensive to some doesn't give them the right to go and destroy it. I as a son of a Chinese family, I find any symbols of Communism or of Imperial Japan extremely offensive even more than the Jews with the Swastika. However as a lover of Liberty I will tolerate any such symbols unless they were on my property, then I would destroy the symbols and probably the person who wrote them down. However if they were not on my property I would not be able to follow the Constitution that I love and hold dear and still destroy the offensive speech. Those who restrict other people's liberty while maintaining their own are no better than the worst of tyrants. The Bill of Rights was not ment to protect any religion or view from individuals, it is there to prevent any legislation regarding religion or speech, "which prevents the free excersise thereof"by the government. All rights are the reasoned declarations of self and the power of the individual against the collective. Reason is what creates personal morality, without reason there are no morals. Therefore while rights are universal, morals are personal. The socail contract that you take with society is the protection that the individual has against other individuals. Because society as a collective being, cannot reason as one, it cannot have one set of morals. Therefore morals are not reasons to breach the socail contract. That is my view, and I will defend it. If you disagree then declare my work invalid. If you agree then declare my work reasonable. If you are confused then ask for clarification from me, I do not appreciate others trying to interpret my work when they do not know what I wish to say.