Saturday, February 26, 2005


Ok today I had to help out at the karate testing at my work now this normaly isn't a problem except today we had to test a few black-belt candidates. Now for this they have to spar, and I was chosen to be one of the lucky sparring partners they had. However because they were black-belt candidates I had to keep the heat on the entire time, no pauses if I could help it, and I had to throw in as many kicks as I could, as fast and as hard as I could in five minutes per round. This led to some unfortunate clashes when my shin or knee would smash into my opponents shin or knee. Now that the testing is done, my left shin and knee is letting me know that I did some pretty stupid things in the match. I dread waking up tomorrow when the pain really kicks in... ooh bad pun. Any way will post about the testing tomorrow, but now I need my sleep.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bad pun indeed.


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