Thursday, May 05, 2005

AP and the occult

Ahh its almost friday, time to kick back and stare at the wall while the teacher drones on and on. Oh wait this is what I do every day and this friday I have to take an AP test. Heh, I'm gonna breeze through that without breaking a sweat. Awesome time today, I brought in some tarot cards and I started to read people's fortunes. This got really interesting.

(Names have been changed to preserve dignity)

tim's question: Will I have a good time in college?
Answer: Your hopes and dreams will be dashed, you will be feared by your peers, and you will come into conflict with many people.

dany's question: Will I have a good time in college?
answer: You will get a girl pregnant and you will fail and leave college a broken shell of your previous self.

jack's question: Will I do well on the AP tests?
answer: your results will be unexpected and they will stand out from the groups, you will be in despair and suffer through the news.

Evangelos's question: What is the purpose of my life?
answer: your purpose is to dominate the business that you choose to go into.


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