Saturday, August 27, 2005

Move in

Yeah so today I moved into my dorm. It isn't bad except for the fact that one of the windows is broken and the cable hookup comes out of the wall. My roomies; Joel and Theo, seem cool enough. Right now my bro is flying back home after Seabase. He was in a sail boat when Katrina hit the Flordia Keys and aparently he and his group are a bit angry with the whole Mother Nature is a royal bitch thing right now. Anyway there's some sorta godawful meeting that freshmen have to goto tonight. Goddamn but I wish that we didnt have to goto that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When a hurricane hits, hey, being angry is just another way of being scared s***less.
Good luck with this moving in thing. New experiences are like fun, aren't they? Even the 'godawful' ones.

7:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well... i have had at least 12 f those already and more to come...yay! *dripping w/sarcasm* ... good luck with school

9:54 AM  

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