Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Yes so tomorrow morning I will be thrown into a pool, blind folded, carrying an M-16 and I will be loving it all. That is until I realize that I have no real place to dry my BDU's out before class...

Saturday, September 10, 2005

The life of the confused

Yeah right now I'm posting after walking back from a party at the towers. Frankly this is probably not the best time for me to make a real big update but to the devil with that right now. so this is week two or three fo college now and some of it has beeen good and someof ti bad. my origional complants about my dorm and housingg are more or less gone now i musthave gottten used to the arangements. but the towers rooms are huge the living room for one of the apartments is bigger than my entire dorm room.. my classes are great except for my poli si class which i havnt bothered to show up to more htan twice. i joined the army ROTC and then the ranger company on campus and i am loving it i dont care if i have to wake up early in the morngin to go to PT its amazing. It is so much fun to be with a bunch of awesome motivated people who love life and live it to the max. ill post about my regular classes later when i canthingk strait. on a more bitter personal note i am sick and tired of being so attracted to girls who are so hard to get... christ i wish i knew what to do. ok my little rant is done so now i will go to seep and awaken to a thouroghly hung over campus.